The man behind Shepherd Code - Introducing International Actor Mr. Alan Delabie

Alan Delabie
Introducing our latest scent, inspired by none other than the incredible Mr. Alan Delabie! Not only is he an award-winning international actor and a martial artist, but he's also an all-around amazing guy that we've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years. We couldn't be more thrilled and honored to collaborate with him on this sensational scent, which beautifully blends the essence of Europe's majestic trees, the invigorating ocean breeze, and a dash of irresistible masculinity. Brace yourself, because this fragrance is guaranteed to captivate and enthrall any audience. Get ready to be whisked away on a fragrant journey like no other!
Take a peek into his world of cinema and fascinating journey with a list of his must see movies and bio below!
  • Borrowed Time 
  • Borrowed Time 2 
  • Borrowed Time 3 falling Apart 
  • Anatomy of An Antihero :Redemption 
  • Bloodslinger 
  • The Last Nosferatu 
  • The Shepherd Code
Alan Delabie was born in France in the early 70s and has always been passionate about cinema since his childhood. He discovered Bruce Lee’s martial arts films through his older brother, and then explored the horror genre. However, it is towards martial arts that he made his first steps, practicing Karate Shotokan, Full Contact and Kickboxing. Alan became a black belt and even won the Nunchaku European Championship. Subsequently, he began to perform stage demonstrations on French and Belgian television, notably on France 2 and France 3. He was invited on the set of Jean-Luc Delarue’s show "C'est l'heure", where he performed a demonstration with actor José Garcia. Alan was also invited to the show "Carlos et les autres" on RTBF, the Belgian national channel. His career then led him to castings and roles in TV movies and series like "Rightly or Wrongly." It was then that Alan decided to try the American adventure, succeeding in being part of the TV program in Canada "Master of the Arts aka Road to Hollywood" produced by the famous Canadian actor Jalal Merhi. Alan then began producing short films, including one with international actress Catriona MacColl, famous for her collaborations with Italian director Lucio Fulci. He continued his career in various web series and roles, but eventually decided to go on an adventure to Los Angeles and San Diego. He has been invited twice on the KUSI NEWS channel "Good Morning San Diego" for his feature film "8 Hours," which reopened the famous Ken Cinema, as well as for "Anatomy of an Antihero: Redemption." Alan also performed a demonstration at the Paris Bercy Martial Arts Festival, one of the largest international galas broadcast live on the Paris Première television channel. A Canadian director wrote him a screenplay for an action film called "The French Dragon" and offered him the role of Officer Gallant in the feature film "Bloodslinger." Alan directed and starred Franck Denard in his trilogy "Borrowed Time," sharing the stage with many great Hollywood actors such as Eric Roberts, Costas Mandylor, Louis Mandylor, Patrick Kilpatrick, Matthias Hues and Bob Wall, Bruce Lee’s legendary opponent. His mentor, David Worth, director of "Kickboxer" with Jean-Claude Van Damme, guided him in his cinematic adventure, and they co-directed "Borrowed Time 3: Falling Apart." Alan has won awards at several film festivals, including the Los Angeles Films Awards, the Los Angeles Actors Awards, as well as festivals in Istanbul, Tokyo and New York. He also received an award at the famous Gala Action Martial Arts Magazine in Atlantic City. In 2023, he played the role of a vampire in "The Last Nosferatu," for which he received the award for best actor. Still the same year, he played Alex Lapierre in the thriller "Shepherd Code," alongside the 11-time Kickboxing World Champion, Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Alan is also the guest of KLCS PPBS Los Angeles TV in the show "EveryBody with Angela Williamson. Creativity, determination, passion and discipline makes Alan a charismatic artist with an ambition that never stops. It was also highlighted in 2021/2022/2023 by appearing on the cover of several magazines such as Eclair Magazine, Hollywood Weekly, Gmaro, and Dragonz Magazine and GANAP magazine.

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