Beard Care 101: How to Grow a Beard & Look Amazing

Beard Care 101: How to Grow a Beard & Look Amazing

Thinking of growing a beard, or already have one? Wondering like all the beard newbies how to keep your beard groomed and looking awesome? Whether you want a full-grown masterpiece or just some subtle man stubble, these tips will help you look amazing which the ladies will appreciate. 

WHAT YOU NEED: First things first, 6 simple beard tools is all you need to keep your beard looking its best. 1. Beard Wash, 2. Beard Comb, 3. Mirror, 4. Beard Trimmer with Guards, 5. Beard Oil and 6. Scissors. Now gather your tools, and let's get to it. 

WHAT TO DO: Maintaining your beard may seem daunting, but the reality is that it's fairly simple-it's more consistency that's key. Follow these steps and you're golden. 

1. Comb Your Beard: Start off by giving your beard a nice wash and comb. The important here to remember is to comb with the grain so all the hair is laying nice and flat and natural. 

2. Pick a Guard: You'll want to start with a higher number guard, like a #4 and work your way down if you want to go shorter. A quick reference for you is:

  • #4=1/2 inch
  • #3=3/8 inch
  • #2=1/4 inch
  • #1=1/8 inch

3. Start with the Sides: Start with the sides and go slow and steady as you trim, making sure to not push too hard as you go with and then against the grain.

4. Define that Neckline: Start by looking straight ahead in the mirror, imagining a curved line that goes from behind your ears along where your neck meets the underside of your chin-start trimming to define that neckline. When defining the neckline you can either fade the neckline or shave a clean line. Decide which look you want and go for it. 

  • For a faded neckline, go down about two guard sizes, stretch your neck skin and trim upwards for about 1/2 an inch.
  • For a clean line, take off the guard completely and follow the neckline and slowly sculpt that line.

With the neckline keep the shape in mind taking care not to go too high on your jawline. 

5. Define the Cheeks: Now move on to the cheeks, again deciding whether to go with the fade or clean line. Good rule of thumb on the cheeks is to follow your smile lines.

6. Trim the Stache: When trimming the mustache, start with a higher guard again and work going with the grain. Start from the middle of the stache and go out to the edges of the mouth.

7. Attention to Detail: Once you've defined the neckline and cheeks, pull out the scissors and work to clean up an straggling longer hairs with your scissors to create a nice clean uniform look. 

8. Beard Oil: Finish off your newly groomed beard with some of our amazingly scented beard oil. 


The best way to avoid beard itch and keep your glorious beard feeling glorious is to routinely clean, apply beard oils, and our nourishing balms. To help hydrate each beard whisker, softening them and keeping them from frizzing or flying astray. Bonus, they'll even help to hydrate the skin beneath the beard preventing beard itch caused by dandruff and dry skin. 

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