Corey A. Courtney Sr, Owner/CEO

Corey A. Courtney Sr, Owner/CEO
We at Lusso Sapone have had the pleasure of crossing paths with a truly remarkable man. After hearing about his journey, we just had to share a glimpse of his awe-inspiring story with you.
Who is Corey A. Courtney Sr, Owner/CEO ? 
 A small-town guy from Monticello, Arkansas high school graduate in 1991. Corey attended college at the University at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas at Monticello, joining the United States Navy in 1993 he was stationed in Pensacola, FL NTTC CORRY station, and Pascagoula, MS on board the USS, John L Hall FFG-32 as time would have it. Corey proudly served in the Navy for a little over 25.5 years and retired as a PSC (SW/IW) in Fort Worth NAS JRB Fort Worth.
After retiring, Corey made a bold decision - he attended Barber School at Hair Doctors 2. Armed with a business degree from Columbia College, he knew that venturing into the world of entrepreneurship was not a far-fetched dream.
But what kind of business was Corey passionate about? After two years of honing his hair-cutting skills, Corey felt it was time to spread his wings and dive into the unknown. And that's when Sterling Styles came into existence, on the memorable date of February 1, 2022.
Corey's vision for Sterling Styles went beyond just meeting the needs of men. He wanted to create a haven where women and children could also find their perfect style. With a team of talented barbers and natural hairstylists, (with more to come) Corey's dream has become a reality.
Sterling Styles is a veteran-owned and operated business, where Corey and his team are not only committed to serving their community, but they also take pride in serving those who bravely protect and serve us all.
If you find yourself in the Roanoke, TX area do yourself a favor and stop in for a great experience getting your Sterling Style and meet some amazing people. On your way out pick up some of your favorite Lusso Sapone products. 
Sterling Stylez Barbershop and Salon
212 N. Oak St
Roanoke Texas

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