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Shepherd Code Small Box Set | Contains Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Natural Soap, Beard Comb | By Lusso Sapone

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This fantastic special edition set includes:
1 oz Shepherd Code Beard Oil
1 oz Shepherd Code Beard Balm
Shepherd Code Bar Soap
1 Small Double Sided Wood Beard Comb
In a Special Edition Wood box

Hand Crafted by Lusso Sapone 

Introducing our latest scent, inspired by none other than the incredible Mr. Alan Delabie! Not only is he an award-winning international actor and a martial artist, but he's also an all-around amazing guy that we've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years. We couldn't be more thrilled and honored to collaborate with him on this sensational scent, which beautifully blends the essence of Europe's majestic trees, the invigorating ocean breeze, and a dash of irresistible masculinity. Brace yourself, because this fragrance is guaranteed to captivate and enthrall any audience. Get ready to be whisked away on a fragrant journey like no other!

This set comes in an exclusive special edition wooden signature box adorned with the image and signature of Alan Delabie!  

Beard Oil
Lusso Sapone beard oil contains jojoba oil and promotes beard growth by naturally moisturizing the skin underneath your beard. This removes unwanted dead skin cells and other impediments to fast facial hair growth. Lusso Sapone beard oil will penetrate your facial hair pores enhancing your whisker’s elasticity and stimulating speedy beard growth. In addition to these benefits, our oils contain naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamin E that further strengthen your beard by repairing the damage done to the cellular membranes of your facial hair. The stronger and more resilient your beard is, the faster it will appear to grow.

Beard Balm
Lusso Sapone beard balm is made up of shea butter, carrier oils, and essential oils along with a little wax. Its purpose is to help keep beard hair soft and healthy, provide very slight control over the beard, and it will generally add a little shine. Beard oil should be used with beard balm as well as the beard oil will moisturize the skin and roots, while the beard balm will soften and care for the longer parts of the beard.

Bar Soap
Lusso Sapone soap is hand poured and scent matched with a walnut shell exfoliant to keep your body smelling and looking as good as your beard.

Beard Comb
Lusso Sapone beard brushes are made from animal hair that naturally reduce frizz and tangles while distributing the oils and balm throughout your beard. Beard combs can do the same but are made solely out of wood. It is important to comb your beard not for just grooming purposes but to remove dead skin that has flaked off in order to prevent beardruff.

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